Britbox is a subscription based club sending regular ‘Little Boxes of Happiness from Home’ Britboxes full of tasty British Food Products, to club members throughout the USA.

For only $39.99 you can look forward to a ‘British Goodies’ Britbox full of lovely British Food Products delivered right to your door, for you, your family and friends to enjoy. That’s if you can bring yourself to share!

You can choose to receive your Britbox every Month, every other Month or every Third Month, and we regularly also offer one off Themed, Seasonal and ‘Specials’ in our Shop. And shipping is always FREE at Britbox.

How Britbox Works

  • Step 1

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    Subscribe to Britbox

    You can subscribe to receive your ‘British Goodies’ Britbox every Month, every other Month or every Third Month. It can be for yourself or a friend, and NO, they do not need to be British, and NOR do you!
    Subscribe by the 20th and your First Subscription Britbox ships in the first full week of the following month.
    The ‘British Goodies’ Britbox is Only $39.99!

  • Step 2

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    We choose the yummy products for Your Britbox, and carefully package and ship to your door.

    Each Britbox is packed full of the tastiest treats from the UK. We select a variety of great products from a wide range of Grocery, Biscuits (Cookies), Confectionery, Crisps (chips) and Snacks, so that each Britbox is different from the last one.
    A real Surprise every time!

  • Step 3

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    Yes, it’s that simple!
    All you need to do now is keep an eye out for USPS when they deliver your ‘Little Box of Happiness from Home’ right to your door.
    The Only difficult part now is choosing what to enjoy first!!
    And the really good thing? Another fabulous box full of goodies will arrive with you very soon!